The word No can be quite a challenge. In this video, I share about the exercise of will that begins in early childhood and its impact on perseverance, focus and more…

The word No can be quite a challenge. In this video, I share about the exercise of will that begins in early childhood and its impact on perseverance, focus and more…


Whatever we focus on in life will expand.  Essentially, whatever we are: thinking of dreaming up  worried about hopeful for will meet us in reality. The brain is neutral on whether the content is positive or negative. It will deliver based on focus! So definitely worth noting what we are saying YES to… and re-routing … Continue reading “WHAT ARE YOU SAYING YES TO?”


If you think you’ll be happy when you have this or that, let me re-frame it for you…  If the journey doesn’t feel good, neither will the destination.  Let’s look at it up close and personal… If you’ve come from a school of thought that believes in struggle to “make things happen,” you may succeed … Continue reading “INSPIRATION VS. MOTIVATION”


How about a Life of Love ?? Let’s explore! LOVE IS THE COMPASS “If you follow your bliss, doors will open for you that wouldn’t have opened for anyone else.” Joseph Campbell What do you Love Love Love? Make a list. Become crystal clear about what you enjoy, what lights you up, what drives you, … Continue reading “LOVE LOVE LOVE”


3 LESSONS FOR THE NEW YEAR   You will manifest your fear. Unless… The way that works is that the brain will go on a mission to bring you that which is felt most strongly. What you are hugely emotional about is deemed super important in terms of your brain’s focus. So if your fear … Continue reading “NEW YEAR LESSONS”


Anytime we are feeling sad or disappointed or annoyed or angry… It is because we are withholding on the giving, somewhere. When we give. Whatever it is we can give — Our kindness, our time, our thoughtfulness, our ideas, our knowledge, our support, our money — We are on track. When we withhold, we suffer. … Continue reading “GIVING WITH LOVE”

The Myth of Multi-Tasking

Research confirms that there is no such thing as multi-tasking. Our brain works in a step by step manner and will perform one function after the next. So, when we are trying to do multiple things simultaneously, we are in fact exhausting our brain into performing very short quick transitions from one subject to another. … Continue reading “The Myth of Multi-Tasking”

Let’s talk about integrity

I’ve been thinking about what I value most in people. I’m on a mission to narrow it down to three non-negotiables. Integrity felt like an important one. Being a writer, I checked the dictionary for the full definition. And sure enough, integrity encompasses so many of the qualities that feel so important to my spirit. … Continue reading “Let’s talk about integrity”

The Power of Agreement

2 Things: Agree with everything that is currently happening in your life. And with everything that has happened so far. Agree that it was all necessary in terms of your journey. Agree that as long as you learnt something, it was a success. Agree only with the thoughts of Life. Imagine you’re on a train … Continue reading “The Power of Agreement”


“Love holds the universe together because it is a real force, and not just an idea.”  Dr Maria Montessori Every thought we think, every step we take and every decision we make are always a choice between Love and fear. A Course in Miracles teaches us that Love creates miracles. When we choose to see … Continue reading “LOVE”


“Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong.” A Course in Miracles Do you feel blocked in an area of your life? Or many areas perhaps? This video will help you clear the blocks and pave the way for ease and grace in manifesting your heart’s desires. Life is supposed to … Continue reading “Unlock”


Relationships are assignments. This video looks at the healing power of relationships and explores the journey to our best Life. The Relationships chapter in my book Tap into Miracles covers the whole range from soul family to tyrants… So if this is an area in your life that is presenting challenges, definitely worth checking it … Continue reading “Relationships”

Do you know how to receive ?

We all know about giving (or do we?!). Giving feels good and giving others is really giving to ourselves. Whatever we give, we receive. It’s pretty immediate. Give love and you receive love. Offer support and you feel supported. Be patient and life is patient with you. Help others and you are helped. That’s how … Continue reading “Do you know how to receive ?”

The Miracle Shoe

So I’m in New York, at the Nike store, looking for a funky pair to wear on this trip. I walk a lot. I love walking. That’s why I’m forever drawn to cities that are made for walking. I remember when I moved here in 2004 how the blocks system worked so well for me. … Continue reading “The Miracle Shoe”

The School of Life

The School of Life We are here to learn and grow and to become the best us. Life is supposed to flow… And when it’s not, we’re being asked to go deeper within. By re-connecting with our truth, we can raise the game and move straight past the obstacles. Life is for us and when … Continue reading “The School of Life”

Source Energy

Connecting with Source Energy This feels like my underground video… I’ve rarely shared it and yet, it’s my most viewed video to date. I believe it’s because it carries a powerfully inspiring message so it has the support of the universe! May it help you manifest miracles ❤ For more on this conversation, Tap into Miracles … Continue reading “Source Energy”