The Mirror of Life event London University

The Mirror of Life: Clearing internal blocks

The key to creating a life we Love begins with full ownership and responsibility for where we’re at right this moment.

When we decide to shift perspective from the ego’s blame angle to addressing our own inner blocks, we remember our power.

This awareness opens us up to changing patterns at a much deeper level and in turn, the outer world begins to reflect those improvements immediately.

Blocks and incomprehensible struggle become a thing of the past as you retrace the satisfaction within. You will learn how to find the gold in every situation so obstacles can melt away effortlessly.

In this workshop, we will also address:

•Triggers and tyrants

•Soul family

•The Present and its co-creative power

You will leave feeling equipped to handle anything and everything… The heaviness will be lifted clearing the energy and paving the way for you to now happily create success on your terms!

So looking forward to seeing you at the University of London for this super empowering workshop on Saturday 16th March at 2:30pm 🙂 

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+ This is a UNICEF sponsored event. 25% of the sales proceeds will be donated to help UNICEF, so you’ll also have made a gift to the children of the world