Energy London Talk

Do you sometimes find yourself spiralling with thoughts that take on a life of their own ?

Do you wonder if it’s possible to stay in a good energy space over and over again ?

Would you like to discover how to Create A Life You Love whilst having fun in the process ?

This talk is for You! Yes, there is another way. And if you’ve been reading so far, you must be ready to discover it. 

There is a way of aligning the energy and creating with ease and grace. The results will speak for themselves.

Life is not meant to be a struggle. It’s supposed to flow… And when we are true to our vision, we feel supported and the steps are guided.

Here, you will equip yourself with tools to: 

•Tune up your energy

•Programme your mind for success and 

•Create with intention

You will feel energised and inspired and ready to take on a New Year filled with happy surprises.

I can’t wait to see you there and share with you these wildly empowering ideas!!

This is a UNICEF sponsored event. 25% of the sales proceeds will be donated to help UNICEF, so you’ll also have made a gift to the children of the world 🙂

To join us on Tuesday 11th December, 7pm at the University of London, SIGN UP HERE ❤