New Year, New You! WORKSHOP

Success Mindset: Setting the Tone for the New Year

It turns out that only about 2% of the population have goals. And that is the difference between the comfort zone and the Life of our dreams.

Let’s re-set this new year on the right note. Let’s dive into our passions, our desires, our curiosities and all that lights us up! Let’s be crystal clear on what it is we are wanting to create.

This workshop will offer tools and techniques for:

  • Tackling the parts of our brain that hold on to old habits, perpetually sabotaging new ideas
  • New ways to reach deep within for inspiration and motivation daily
  • A Life coaching plan that can be implemented by you immediately

You will leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on the New Year – Equipped with a tool box that you can reach into anytime to program your mind and find new perspective.

Great energy helps us manifest what we want. In this workshop, we will explore how to raise the energy within and around us!

Please join us for this in-depth workshop on Saturday 2nd February at the University of London ❤

Click here for details and to sign up! 

+ This is a UNICEF sponsored event. 25% of the sales proceeds will be donated to help UNICEF, so you’ll also have made a gift to the children of the world 🙂