Life on Purpose London talk

Are you ready to awaken your brightest, hottest and most vibrant self ?

Would you like to remember your natural charisma ?

And claim your greatest Life ?

At the deepest level, we’re all craving our most magnificent life.

Getting there is a process of releasing learnt limiting beliefs and fears that we’ve picked up along the way…

Living our best life requires courage and a willingness to step out of comfort zones – on a regular basis.

It’s a step by step, day by day journey of Love and forgiveness.

And remembering who we are.

Fully owning our desires, our vulnerability and our most authentic voice.

And then unleashing the creativity and gifts that are uniquely ours to share.

I’m so excited to have this labour of Love conversation with you!

Let’s claim all that is yours by divine right:

  • unapologetically
  • wholly
  • and entirely.

I look forward to seeing you there ❤

To Sign Up and join us at the University of London on Wednesday 21st November at 7pm, click here! 

This is a UNICEF sponsored event. 25% of the sales proceeds will be donated to help UNICEF, so you’ll also have made a gift to the children of the world 🙂