Rania Lababidy Creativity Life Success CoachOne on Ones

  • Living Life on Purpose
  • Energy = Intuition
  • Visualisation Techniques
  • The Creative Process
  • Releasing Blocks
  • The Power of Words
  • Feng Shui and the Art of Clearing Spaces

Through a series of steps, we shine light on dark spots and pave the way for a truly scintillating life.


  • Progressive Strategies for Inspiring and Motivating
  • Raising the Energy: What We Focus On Expands
  • Exploring Brain Research and Creativity
  • Developing Intrinsic Interests and Natural Talents
  • Tapping into the Power of Intuition
  • Goal Mapping and Creative Visualisation
  • Mindfulness Techniques for Optimal Performance


  • Secrets of the Brain: Revealing Genius
  • The Road to Innovation: Curiosity Triggers
  • Passion meets Talent -> Creativity
  • Focus and Energy
  • Trust & Co-Creation

In addition to these offers, programmes can be tailor-made to suit specific objectives.

Delighted to discuss these with you directly !