The word No can be quite a challenge. In this video, I share about the exercise of will that begins in early childhood and its impact on perseverance, focus and more…

The word No can be quite a challenge. In this video, I share about the exercise of will that begins in early childhood and its impact on perseverance, focus and more…

Meditation 101

What if a 5 minute a day practice could change and improve Every aspect of your life ? Would you give it a try ? Meditation can help you feel better, solve problems, improve your energy and tap into more intuitive and creative ideas. Essentially, you will have access to the field of infinite possibilities. … Continue reading “Meditation 101”


This video is about re-aligning the energy for optimal results daily. Being in our groove is the recipe for living and creating with grace and ease. Here, you’ll discover how to do that in a very conscious way for quick turn-arounds! Enjoy ❤   With Music by the beautiful Lucy Harrison, check out her album Jazz … Continue reading “FINDING YOUR GROOVE AGAIN… & AGAIN!”


The Art of Communication: Authentic Leadership This video examines self expression for the more logical minded: bankers, lawyers, accountants, doctors and more… It’s a deep dive into the creative process and its effects across the different areas within our world. Where the magic happens: Success on your terms ! And if you’re in London, join … Continue reading “THE ART OF COMMUNICATION: AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP”


A good message for this time of year! This video is about maximising our energy by figuring out whether we are introvert or extrovert. Understanding our temperament allows us to implement the correct strategies and show up as our best self. In this video, we will elaborate on the Myers-Briggs personality types and look at … Continue reading “INTROVERT/EXTROVERT: SUCCESS ON YOUR TERMS”


1-2-3 of Changing Habits This video is about Changing Habits. It offers some strategies that combine to strengthen our resolve and allow the brain to adjust to new patterns… For daily inspiration, JOIN US ON OUR NEW FACEBOOK PAGE: SUCCESS ON YOUR TERMS ! And for more London EVENTS,  click here 🙂 Thank you for watching and sharing … Continue reading “NEW HABITS”


This video examines how affirmations can program the mind for success! You will discover: Some of your major limiting beliefs How to override an old pattern How to align your brain with your goals Your mind’s genius to help you manifest your desires Success on your terms Remember to claim your free guide + audio … Continue reading “SUCCESS MINDSET”


Gratitude can quite literally change your mind, which then changes your life! This video about the Science of Gratitude will help you: Stay aligned with your goals Change perspective and results Strengthen positive neurons in your brain Improve your energy and overall health Take more inspired and strategic action! Thank you for watching and sharing, … Continue reading “ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE”


“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” Albert Einstein Creative Visualisation has been used successfully by top athletes, innovative entrepreneurs and some of the most inspiring inventors. This video will help you: Align yourself with your goals Raise the energy within and around you Enjoy the creative process and the journey … Continue reading “Imagination”


“Love holds the universe together because it is a real force, and not just an idea.”  Dr Maria Montessori Every thought we think, every step we take and every decision we make are always a choice between Love and fear. A Course in Miracles teaches us that Love creates miracles. When we choose to see … Continue reading “LOVE”


“Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong.” A Course in Miracles Do you feel blocked in an area of your life? Or many areas perhaps? This video will help you clear the blocks and pave the way for ease and grace in manifesting your heart’s desires. Life is supposed to … Continue reading “Unlock”


Relationships are assignments. This video looks at the healing power of relationships and explores the journey to our best Life. The Relationships chapter in my book Tap into Miracles covers the whole range from soul family to tyrants… So if this is an area in your life that is presenting challenges, definitely worth checking it … Continue reading “Relationships”


Meditation is the answer Much has been written about the benefits of meditation. It has been used successfully to cure illnesses that were deemed incurable. It is now being introduced in some of the most important businesses as a tool to help us tap into our deepest creativity. The Vagus nerve which is essential for … Continue reading “Meditation”

The School of Life

The School of Life We are here to learn and grow and to become the best us. Life is supposed to flow… And when it’s not, we’re being asked to go deeper within. By re-connecting with our truth, we can raise the game and move straight past the obstacles. Life is for us and when … Continue reading “The School of Life”


This video is about Inside Out Abundance. We will explore prosperous thinking and how the inner landscape creates our outer world. We are here to live our most magnificent life. We are here to bring to Life all that we are. In order to live the full-version of us, it’s important to connect with the … Continue reading “Abundance”

Source Energy

Connecting with Source Energy This feels like my underground video… I’ve rarely shared it and yet, it’s my most viewed video to date. I believe it’s because it carries a powerfully inspiring message so it has the support of the universe! May it help you manifest miracles ❤ For more on this conversation, Tap into Miracles … Continue reading “Source Energy”