What are you for ?

I remember a story about Mother Teresa being approached to support a movement against war to which her reply was “No!” followed by “but, if you were to ask me for help with a movement for peace, you would have my support.”

How subtle this energetic shift.

When we believe in something: Peace, Health, Education, Love, our focus must remain on what it is we are wanting to support. When we invest our energy on what we are against, we actually empower that.

It’s very simple really, what we focus on expands.

So let’s remember this very delicate fine line and continue to support what we truly believe in:

  • clean air
  • healthy happy children
  • empowering education
  • food & shelter for everyone
  • free wildlife
  • organic farming
  • a safer world
  • peace for all

And these are but a few ideas, please add in your own…