For a long time, the ideas of desiring and surrendering felt quite contradictory to me. I wondered if the power of our efforts of visualising, affirming and mindset were the key or whether a gentle surrender would do it.

I tried both at different moments in my life and the results were quite notable. I realised all this when after about 8 months of trying to will my new platform to life, we just kept missing the goal.

It actually got quite painful and I couldn’t make sense of why I wasn’t able to reach the finish. The most absurd things were getting in the way at the eleventh hour over and over again. This went on months and got so frustrating that I had to stop. I took ownership for the block and was ready to shed some light on it.

I knew well enough moments in my life when I was in total surrender and miracles flowed. At least I had that reference point. The thing is those surrender moments were times when I really had no choice and truly didn’t know what to do next. Here, I knew I could use my logical mind to figure out more solutions so surrendering was that much harder.

All I knew for sure was that in my moments of total surrender, Life had shown me its genius time and time again.

Over the years, I have exercised and taught the Mirror of Life. In fact, I’m presenting on this again at the University of London next month. I knew enough that outer struggles and patterns must be dealt with internally. What we achieve inwardly can change outer results.

From my metaphysics training, I also knew that what we resist persists. A Course in Miracles teaches us that the ego analyses and spirit accepts. Essentially, the ego is always judging, blaming or trying to make sense of things. And the alternative to that is to trust Life. I was in big time analysis and missing the acceptance bit altogether.

With that in mind, I got more present to exactly where I was at. Because I was praying to understand, I knew the answers were en route. So I was on Youtube watching some videos when this man kept popping up in adverts. Same man practically on every video I was trying to watch. Over the months before, he would pop up and I would skip every ad. This time, I was like ‘let’s see what this guy has to say?’ And sure enough, he mentioned a book I went on to read and received all the information I was wondering about.

I had been so stressed and negatively focused before, I missed this. My mind was too busy with what had just happened (the past) and what I was going to do about it (the future), I totally missed the present. Quite literally.

That book is The Surrender Experiment. It’s written by Michael A. Singer and traces his life from his Phd days studying Economics to his journey into meditation and software programming and eventually becoming the founding CEO of a billion dollar public company whose achievements are archived at the Smithsonian. Absolutely fascinating. Exactly what I needed to read when I needed to read it and written by someone I could totally understand. 

The Surrender Experiment

From there, I figured out my block, brought it to the light for healing and have happily found my peace again. So it always comes back to choosing peace instead. Because it is from that space that Life can do its thing and bring on the miracles !

Here is Michael discussing with Oprah his other No.1 New York Times bestseller The Untethered Soul. Both books are brilliant and I highly recommend them for anyone on their journey from the mind to the heart…