Strawberry Fields Forever

My song du jour for the last few days has been the Beatles’ Strawberry Fields. There’s an amazing compilation of the creative unravelling of this song. How they made it and remade it and remade it until it was the version we know. In the early recordings, they are truly mere mortals…

Steve Jobs used this model for creating products. They would make an iPod and then another and another until it was fine-tuned and ready.

Isn’t that what life is ?!

Every day, every moment, we try again.

We do it better.

We say it better.

We start again.

We keep trying in an attempt to perfect ourselves. We re-create. We re-invent. We re-start.

That’s life really and it’s the success model of a lasting company. And a great brand.

To begin again. To re-invent itself, again and again.

  • Think Hewlett Packard’s slogan: “Accelerating Next”
  • Think Virgin: Richard Branson’s spirit imbues every new business.
  • Think Victoria Beckham’s teenage wish: “I want to be as famous as Persil Automatic” !