3 Lessons for New Year



  • You will manifest your fear. Unless…

The way that works is that the brain will go on a mission to bring you that which is felt most strongly. What you are hugely emotional about is deemed super important in terms of your brain’s focus. So if your fear is pent-up or even laying low but very present, it will rear its ugly head into existence.
-> The trick here is to catch the fear and flip the thought over with a “What if” ideal scenario. And focus the attention on that. Keep going. Fake it til you make it… Visualisation and affirmations help a lot with this. For more, watch this!


  • Follow the Energy

No matter what, trust the energy. Energy is intuition. When you are clear on your goals, your brain has an assignment and your intuition will go to work to help you feel your way there… You have to be fearless in following the energy. If you have a big presentation and find yourself watching stuff on YouTube, you have to find it in you to trust that it is relevant and necessary for your goals. Trust the Energy with your Life. It will take you places you never knew you were capable of reaching. Miracle territory.


  • Be Kind, to others and to yourself

    Be Kind Plato

    Plato once said “Be Kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” Truth. Always go out of your way to be kind. No matter what is being hurled at you, be kind. You will eventually understand and be so proud of yourself for having shown up as that person. And the same applies to yourself. No use going out of your way being kind to others while continually criticising yourself. Offer yourself the same compassion and watch your life improve with ease and grace.


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