45 Minutes

I found myself gently becoming a social media addict, so was very happy to learn this…

It turns out that the last forty five minutes of the day are vital. Ok, I was aware that being online or any other form of digital connection would wire us up and contribute to interrupted sleep patterns but reviewing the science gave me a lot more to think about!

And, of course, I am sharing:

  • What we read, see, listen to and talk about in those vital last 45 minutes of the day contribute not only to our sleep but to the revelation of the next day.
  • During the night, our unconscious replays what we experienced in those last 45 minutes six times more than everything else that happened during the day.
  • This is why watching scary movies before sleeping gives nightmares.
  • And why cramming for exams late at night works!
  • More importantly, it is why reading stories to children before bedtime is so soothing. It allows us to share important lessons with them at such a pivotal time. And the values become part of the child’s consciousness.

As we relax just before drifting off to sleep, we move into alpha brain wave which is a very advanced absorption state. So if the last thing that was surrounding us at that time was the news and we heard all about the dramas of the world, then that’s what we will be focusing on while resting. That’s why it’s also very important to relax with uplifting people because again, these are moments when our brain is taking in the words in a heightened state.

So, much better that we become conscious about how we want to fill those last 45 minutes of the day. Inspiring words, thoughts, people, ideas, songs… Whatever floats your boat šŸ™‚