How about a Life of Love ??

Let’s explore!


“If you follow your bliss, doors will open for you that wouldn’t have opened for anyone else.” Joseph Campbell

What do you Love Love Love?

Make a list. Become crystal clear about what you enjoy, what lights you up, what drives you, what excites you???

  • How do you procrastinate?

  • What are you Google-searching?

  • What are you curious about?

And then, day by day, move towards your heart’s desires. Mini, bite-sized steps will do the trick! Our mind works on repetition and as you keep at it daily, you reinforce the brain’s power to focus and brilliantly orchestrate ideas and possibilities. You will eventually be doing the impossible. For more about this, watch my video on how to program your mind.


I’ve been listening a lot to Iyeoka lately. Quelle genius! I’m in Love with her music 🙂

Check it out if you like (over 65 million views already on YouTube!):

The operative sentence from this song is “Nothing looks the same when your eyes are open…” The journey to our best life requires our evolution. It is from that place that our creations can touch the world. This is why brilliant minds, like Steve Jobs, so value the creatives in their world.

Clever Life will help you figure this one out and amazingly, screens out the unnecessary and laser points you in the direction of your truest desires.

Again, let’s take Mr Campbell’s advice: You must be willing to let go the life you planned to have the Life that is waiting for you!

It takes courage and requires us to rise from the inside out. It is this, in the end, which satisfies us at the deepest level. And which brings out the best in us.


Be in Love Rumi

Our journey leads us to the divine within and around us. It connects us to all and allows us to shine. We are all here with very unique passions, interests, talents and more. When we are true to those, we are led, step by step, to people who feel good to us, to work that thrills us and to a lifestyle that we Love.

The whole thing is about Love. Life is Love. And Love is Life. It’s only when we detour in the wrong direction, that we forget this!

Let’s put this month of Love to good use and remember who we truly are. Let’s Live and Laugh and Love. Today and every day ❤

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