What makes a company great ?

Amazing leadership.


What makes an amazing leader ?

Brilliant decision-making.


How does brilliant decision-making come about ?

2 things.


  • Short-term: Focus

Is the focus on the goal/vision ? And does that filter all the way through the company ?

Or is fear running the show…


  • Long-term: Beliefs

These are the underlying values and rules for life by which we operate. Are the deepest most embedded beliefs limiting or allowing for infinite possibilities ?

Even if we are in tip-top shape mind and body, if our subconscious beliefs are limiting, we will sabotage the decision-making process.

The important thing here is to unravel all limiting beliefs by flipping them over all the way to the other side.

e.g. even in the worst recessions, some have hugely profited.

Remember, a belief is just a thought we keep thinking. By changing a thought (it takes 30 days for the mind to reconfigure), we change the action steps and with it, the entire course.

The “I have to” becomes “I want to” and that’s huge!

It just takes one good decision to change the whole outcome of a company, or a life for that matter. And it can all be turned around in an instant.

Lots to think about………


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