Anytime we are feeling sad or disappointed or annoyed or angry… It is because we are withholding on the giving, somewhere.

When we give. Whatever it is we can give — Our kindness, our time, our thoughtfulness, our ideas, our knowledge, our support, our money — We are on track.

When we withhold, we suffer. Life will take away what we could have, and didn’t, give. Try it. Try withholding from a homeless person on the street and watch the same amount disappear on something meaningless a few minutes later.

Experiment more. Experiment with what life offers you. See when you’re impatient with someone, how someone will be impatient with you shortly after that.

Life is fascinating like that. But more than “what goes around comes around”, our purpose in life is actually interlinked with the giving.

When we give, we feel good. Really good. When we give what we feel is right, we are filled up from the inside. It’s the feeling of fulfillment which no acquisition can ever conquer. All the shoes in the world. Every gadget imaginable. Every yacht and every plane just won’t do it.

How many people do we know who look like they have it all… And then just scratch the surface a little to reach their pain. It’s palpable.

Why do we not learn this at school? Because we come into the world already knowing it. Children know that they are here to give. And children just give and give. They give themselves wholeheartedly. Even when adults are unkind or abrupt or selfish or mean, the kid still loves. Children help each other. They cross the room in groups to help another who has fallen over. We are born natural givers.

It is only that we forget. We forget that we are one. We forget that in helping another, we help ourselves.


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